LaToya’s last vlog tho bruhhhh. I ain’t even seen that coming but Ron needs to man tf up, fr.

No I think Ayanna & Chantel was wrong cause they heard him say not to kiss each other and they didn’t listen

But they didn’t know that that was the way Ron was going to respond. They didn’t know that he was being serious. Okay, they apologized. He should’ve just left it alone. Both of them had every right to go off on Ron, more Ayanna than anyone else because he stay doing bullshit to her. He needs to just sit down with his dramatic ass.


I took forever making this cause of this long ass nap and.. yeah ;-;  Butttttttt, HAPPY HAPPY I CAME OUT OF MY MOMMA’S KIT KAT DAY TO THIS NUISANCE OF A BOY WHO WE DEALT WITH SINCE 5EVA ;-; He’s finally turned 30 years old today. Which indicates that he’s a grown ass man who needs to get his bullskit together. I hope he’s having a good birthday with the turning up and all. Hopefully he hasn’t got into any more trouble cause look I’m not going to write a long paragraph because i’m lazy and because we deal with this every year ;-;. But yeah, Happy Birthday to Rawk Rawl! and my auntie too since they share the same birthday u_u
Some of Tm so fucking quick to ship the Roc with females that look more than friends to him. I’m just like… I’m gone wait to see if 1. They actually go together and 2. If she’s nice and respectful. Like you would’ve thought they would’ve learnt their lesson with Desiree and that Ariel girl, c’mon now.

👀 Chick #103 lmao
Happy Birthday

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LaToya’s last vlog tho bruhhhh. I ain’t even seen that coming but Ron needs to man tf up, fr.
Honesty Hour


Go for it. Nothing deleted, everything answered. No matter how awkward or uncomfortable. 

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Michael & The Jacksons (BAD Era)2300 Jackson Street

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